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David Robinson’s Personal and Business Biography

David Robinson’s Biography

David Robinson is a speaker, business owner, CEO, highly skilled, successful man, expert in the mental health field, and the founder of Network Kings, LLC. Having grown up in the foster care system with a loving and caring family in Winchester, Virginia as a child, David was a young man who many thought would not bet the odds.  As a child, he went through a period of being a troubled teen with behavioral issues where it seemed he was destined for the worse. David journeyed through three different behavioral centers as a youth to receive assistance in becoming the young man he was ultimately meant to become. During David’s season of rebellion, he was given another chance to improve his life when he was sent to live with a loving foster care family in Richmond, VA. During this time, he finished high school and received his high school degree. Even though David achieved a huge accomplishment by completing high school, he still struggled as a young man thereafter, but with the help and grace of God and his family, he journeyed from being a rebellious youth to a highly successful man. Over the last eighteen years, David has devoted his life to working in the health care field with both teens and adults. In 2010, he began his highly successful business, Network Kings, LLC that has grown to partner and assist organizations and individuals both nationally and internationally. He is also the founder of 2nd Chances, an organization designed to provide troubled or struggling youth, teens, and young adults with the skills and mentoring they need to succeed. David is now a happily married man with four children and strives every day to give back to others because someone did the same for him. David can be found all social media networks, as well as his business website www.nwkingsllc.com

Network Kings, L.L.C.  Business Biography

Network Kings L.L.C was a company started in 2010 by founder and CEO David Robinson. In its beginning stages, the company ran solely on the work and vision of David Robinson. This highly successfully company has grown over the years from just serving individuals with logos to becoming an international company with many staff that now services individuals worldwide by providing them with top notch logos, graphic designs, mobile apps, remote I.T. services (also known as  Information Technology Services), printing services, promotional services, and website creation and hosting. The goal and vision of Network Kings was to become the #1 “one stop shop” for business owners, churches, music artist, and individuals desiring to create a mark in their industry. Over the years, this vision has been achieved.

As a way of giving back, Network Kings, LLC frequently offers a complimentary service to new businesses and business owners.  Network Kings, LLC, along with David’s other organization, 2nd Chances, will also be hosting their annual teen summit in August of this year to educate and assist youth with issues they must face on a daily basis, such as music, anger, substance abuse, STDs, and teen dating violence.

If you are interested in services or partnering with this growing company, you are invited to call (804) 424-0571 or visit their website, www.nwkingsllc.com and complete the contact form.

Every child deserves a second chance no matter what they been through.

David Robinson

Every child deserves a second chance no matter what they been through.

Rhonda Watts-Robinson


August 19, 2018

Todays Teen Summit was nothing short of a BLESSING, God was in tbe middle of it ALL! From the Speakers, to the Praise teams.

Marcus Taylor


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If you are interested in services or partnering with this growing company, you are invited to call (804) 424-0571 or visit their website, www.2ndchances1.com and complete the contact form.